I Wonder…What If

Sometimes I wonder how our lives and the lives of our children and the lives of our grandparents and parents would have been different if we all had been taught differently about sex. What if when our grandparents were growing up they had been taught that sex was a spiritual practice? A gift that we […]


The word taboo means something that is thought of by society as improper or unacceptable. These can be anything from asking a woman her age, talking about how rich you are or wearing a bikini to formal dress event. Or if you are in Japan leaving your chopsticks sticking upright in the bowl of rice. […]

Relationship or Just Sex?

Most people want a relationship with their sex, but not all. Some people just want sex without all that messy relationship and commitment stuff.  Some people want something somewhere in between. There is nothing wrong with any of it. You just need to know yourself well enough to know what you’re looking for, what you’re […]